Carry out advanced link analysis across all your digital exhibits

Detego Fusion enables investigators to leverage advanced link-building capabilities and expose connections between people, places, devices, and cases.


  • Use its advanced AI-driven link analysis infrastructure to connect the dots and expose hidden links across digital exhibits
  • Access file properties, internet artefacts, communication history (Email Addresses, Call Events, Contacts, Messages, Credentials), device information, financial information, and keywords to rapidly  identify and link suspects
  • Filter data using thousands of pre-configured variables to identify and link suspects rapidly
  • Instantly view links that exist between cases by using its visual preview functionality
  • Benefit from pre-configured variables, including GPS coordinates, HASH matches, and EXIF data
  • Create custom whitelists to prevent displaying known/approved links
  • Get users up and running with a minimal training overhead thanks to its intuitive user interface

Trusted by elite military and law enforcement units, as well as global enterprises, Detego Fusion helps combat crimes ranging from terrorism and cyber-crimes through to fraud and human trafficking. Detego delivers accurate results even when deployed in the toughest of conditions.

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